Who Are We?


Burglary is relatively low in our area - help us keep it that way

Call CrimeStoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 if you have any information on crime.


So what is Maghull HomeWatch Association?

It is an umbrella organisation set up by volunteers to help the collection of individual HomeWatch groups within the area i.e. Maghull, Lydiate & Sefton Village.

It aims to assist, advise, educate & encourage local residents with home security and make them aware of the general criminal activity to which they and their homes could be subjected, in order to reduce the incidence & fear of crime.


Maghull HomeWatch was set up in 1990

HomeWatch is 36 years old (it began in Mollington, Cheshire in 1982) and has helped reduce crime wherever residents have set up groups.

HomeWatch groups began forming in Maghull shortly after 1984. 1990 had 25 groups = 1,191 households whilst in 2017 we have 150 groups = 4,000 households.

Maghull Facts

Maghull is a low-crime area

With more members we could make it even better!

How much does this cost?

£1 a year with a further £1 to join.

All Maghull HomeWatch members receive our bi-monthly Newsletter and will receive a membership certificate.

No newsletter = NOT a member & NO discount on your home insurance.

Note: If you accidentally (but falsely) claim to be in MHWA, your insurance company may REFUSE to pay-out in the event of a burglary or any other claim you needed to make! 

Merseyside Police say

"Home Watch is the best known and most effective example of the community and police working together to prevent crime, reduce the fear of crime and improve quality of life.

A local Home Watch scheme could help address not only those crimes traditionally associated with Home Watch such as burglary and car crime but also help with the problems of youths causing annoyance and incidents of anti-social behaviour in the area."

A few good reasons to start a Home Watch scheme in YOUR road:

  1. Home Watch areas are 10 times less likely to become victims of burglary, only 1-in-300 rather than 1-in-30 households in the GB.
  2. Starting a Home Watch scheme helps to bring community spirit back to an area.
  3. The Home Watch signs displayed in your area tells burglars you & your neighbours are security conscious.
  4. Some insurance companies offer discount, unfortunately no longer many.
  5. Home Watch Association Members receive a free newsletter to keep them up to date.
  6. Home Watch members in Sefton can obtain SMARTWATER at an exceedingly discounted rate of just £10.
  7. Discounted patlock for members for your 2 handled French doors @ £42.50.

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