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Showing the basics about starting a HomeWatch Group / scheme under the Maghull HomeWatch Association umbrella.

It's far less involved and a much smaller commitment than you might think.

Step 1

Great idea about joining us. We can help you to start your group. A Member Liaison committee member or the Chair will visit you to give more details / answer questions and we have literature, for you to show you & for your neighbours. You will not be signing your life away and you are not even expected to attend our meetings - but would be warmly welcomed anytime.

Step 2

Someone in your road volunteers to become the HomeWatch 'Coordinator' aka 'Scheme Leader' & initiates a HomeWatch 'Group' with as many, or as few neighbours as THEY can manage (The Police suggest about 20, but the more neighbours/members around you the better your own security) - and arrange a meeting with your neighbours to discuss the group and/or elect a different leader if desired.

Step 3

Collect £2 / house which is their £1 annual membership fee and a one-off £1 which gets you a free road sign for each road, subject to 80% HomeWatch membership.

We arrange for the Council to put it on a suitable lamppost for your group at NO charge.

You will all receive a new 'HomeWatch Sticker' which tells would-be thieves that you & your neighbours are security conscious and look out for each other.

Step 4

Once every two months we deliver an envelope to the Leader containing their required number of A4 Newsletters. 

We only ask for a list of the house numbers in your group, not your neighbour's names - then just fold them to suit yourself & post them through your member's doors. 

Step 5

Ask for the 'HomeWatch DISCOUNT' when you renew your house insurance. You will get a certificate which also acts as a receipt for your £1 and proof for your insurance company, should they request it.

You also become eligible to buy SMARTWATER for the ridiculously low price of £10 (with free registration for life).

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