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Tai Chi for Health ; Ideal for anyone over 50 (or with health issues)


De-stress, Reduce blood pressure, increase mobility.

Improve strength, balance & coordination.


 "Sit, Stand & Move to Improve Mind, Body & Soul"

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Visit the National, Neighbourhood & HomeWatch Website:

our watch 

Sefton Council ~

~ tel: 0845 140 0845  or  0151 922 4040 for everything:


for Broken or Defective STREET Lights


for DOG Wardens

Dog Fouling / Non-Poop-Scooping is Anti-Social & will be fined 75 'on-the-spot'


& for BULKY ITEM removal There is no excuse for fly tipping!

cookers/fridge-freezers/beds/carpets/mattresses/wardrobes/chairs/tables/3-piece-suites etc.

Soft furnishings should be kept dry until collection day


~ tel: 0845 140 0845  or  0151 922 4040

Free Smoke Alarm ~ from the Fire Service

Ring for a FREE Safety Check & you may receive a FREE Smoke Alarm ~ if so, they will fit it for FREE too.

tel: 0800 731 5958

Get Safe Online

Expert advice for everyone ~ Get Safe Online will help you protect yourself against internet threats.

This site is sponsored by government and leading businesses working together to provide a free, public service.


Keep your children safe online ~ get the latest esafety tips, advice & resources at:

    Mailing Preference Service  &   Telephone Preference Service   

The Mailing Preference Service supports your right to choose the mail you want. If you are not interested in receiving junk mail, they will update their records for Direct Mail companies to adjust their lists.

The Telephone Preference Service helps to make your telephone number unavailable to organisations, charities and voluntary organisations who may telephone you with offers & information you do not wish to receive.

Lydiate Parish Council:

Your online source for information concerning Lydiate

tel: 0151 - 527- 2662

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