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Visit by the Police & Crime Commissionaire (July meeting)

M&L H/W Assoc. were happy to welcome Merseyside’s P.C.C. Jane Kennedy and some of her colleagues to our usual monthly meeting.

They were interested to hear about HomeWatch’s success within the local community & to see what lessons could be applied to the local Neighbourhood Police forces ~ Jane answered a number of questions from our Members via the Chairman.


Jane said that the P.C.C. role was still evolving;

The P.C.C. is responsible for all PCSOs and Police Staff; all buildings will remain in control of the P.C.C. and she is actively looking at co-locating small offices of police within the community ~ rumours that Maghull Police station had been sold to developers were squashed suggesting the media were being creative as the only change had been a transfer in ownership from M.P.A. to the office of the P.C.C.


The P.C.C.’s office will shortly be recruiting Community Engagement Officers, including one for Sefton.


Numbers in the Neighbourhood Police teams should be increasing.


New police officers now spend their first 5 weeks on a Neighbourhood team to understand the grassroots of problems.


Jane wished to reassure residents that the recent gun crime Maghull & Lydiate suffered was stopped due to a number of arrests, firearm seizures and the high profile presence of uniformed officers including the Matrix team ~ the operation is still continuing out of the public's view with unmarked units and armed Police units are always on standby.




National HomeWatch week (15th June-)

M&L H/W Assoc. celebrated National HomeWatch week with a stall in the Meadows Leisure Centre to spread the word and brought our monthly Committee meeting forward to coincide.

We had a demonstration from 2 locksmiths about locks & door/window security too. 



Meeting with Members of Maghull & Lydiate U3A

We held an open talk with Q&A session at the U3A on Tues 5th March @ 11am

in the Maghull Baptist Church in Hall Lane, Maghull.

We had a lot of interest from our older residents and several groups started up as a result

~ they are in a great position to help improve their Community and will benefit directly themselves, socially & otherwise.


... from their website:

What is U3A?

The University of the Third Age was originally started in France and arrived in this country in 1982.

U3A is a self help style of adult education where members contribute their skills & expertise, learning from one another in small groups.

The word ‘university’ is used in its original sense, that is a collection of people devoted to learning.


You do not need any qualifications to join and neither do we give any.

Our focus is on enthusiasm and involvement. Membership is open to all who are no longer in full time employment.

Started 5 years ago the membership of Maghull and Lydiate U3A has grown rapidly to over 800 members.

There are more than 35 interest groups whose leaders, all volunteers, can be consulted any Tuesday at our regular Coffee Mornings.

( Maghull Baptist Church Hall 10:00 – 11:30)


There are also numerous recreational and social activities providing vital physical & mental exercise.

For many, U3A has become a valuable means of mutual support & companionship.

Why not come along – learn about Art, Poetry, Painting, Family History, Computers or Technology.

Or perhaps you would like to learn a foreign language, take up Ballroom Dancing, Taiji or photography.

There is much more. A world of opportunity awaits you!


Chairman:           Tony Snape              0151 526 3146



Meeting with residents re: starting a HomeWatch group ~ Tuesday 4th December:

The Chairman, Secretary & facebook liaison Committee Member met with a dozen local residents last night at the Kensington Club in Station Road, Maghull to discuss the start-up of some new groups.

The result being we have 4 new Coordinators willing to create a HomeWatch scheme in 'their' road.

The next step is for the roads to be canvassed by these Merseyside Police-vetted Coordinators (they have all submitted their forms)

Residents will be asked if they want to opt-in to Maghull & Lydiate HomeWatch Association and become part of these mini-community groups ~ if a resident chooses to opt-out / miss-out then they will not be entitled to claim the discount that HomeWatch membership gives off their home insurance.


Membership of the National HomeWatch scheme is free and you can join via the website

(Please note that Merseyside Police does not support and has no affiliation to the 'Our Watch' national website - see


Membership of our Merseyside Police-supported Assoc. is via a £1 donation per year (yes folks, you read that correctly ~ just £1 for 12 months) and requires little more than just being 'neighbourly' which is something many residents in Maghull & Lydiate already do anyway.

The added security comes with everyone doing this all year round and not  just your immediate neighbour who looks after your house during your holidays. Issues of known local crime methods and scams or cons can be brought to your attention before you fall victim to them.

Additional benefits membership of the Association bring include:

A regular newsletter through your letterbox courtesy of the Coordinator (currently every month)

Street signs, Triangle window stickers etc.

This website, email facility and our new facebook page

Members can obtain Smartwater (with lifetime registration) for the amazing price of just £15


Champion Newspaper ~ 14th November 2012:



Champion Newspaper ~ 2nd November 2011:

Melling Homewatch has disbanded after failing to find new blood.

AFTER six hard-working years of serving the community, Board members decided to call it a day when no-one responded to their pleas to take over, despite advertising for more than a year and requests from police.

Chairman of the group since it started, Al Collins, has put it down to public apathy.

He said: “The committee is tired, there are seven including my wife Shirley who run the Homewatch.

“We have been advertising for people to take over through our newsletters every month, Superintendent Scarth and our neighbourhood Inspector Kevin Booth have both made pleas for new people to step in.

“Despite our best efforts nobody has come forward, I think it is public apathy. It is very sad and locals are saying the same thing.

“We are a vigorous organisation, 30 to 40 people attended our meetings each month.

“If we had the full support of people we could achieve great things, but the board gets demoralised by the lack of effort from people who don’t want to get involved.

“We have devoted a lot of time, our secretary Liz Calvert spent two weeks preparing each newsletter.”

They held their last meeting on Monday and commemorated it with a party.

Al added: “Homewatch is under threat throughout Sefton because of lack of public participation.

“We hope that we have done a good job and that someone will restart it because it is a necessary branch of the policing family. Residents have an obligation in serving their own community.”

Maghull’s Inspector Kevin Booth said: “Al and the team have done some sterling work.

“Unfortunately no-one has taken over, it is a shame as they have done great work over the years and helped in reducing crime.

“We have got regular surgeries in Melling, hopefully people will be interested in starting one up and we will help them with it.”

 by Linda Foo Guest, Maghull and Aintree Star


Anti-Social Behaviour Discussion ~ Monday 1st June:

 As this subject has been shown to be of most concern to the majority of our members, we have invited a Guest Speaker to our next meeting at the Town Hall on Monday 1st June at 8.00pm.

He is John Gibson, Anti-social Behaviour Officer for Sefton Council, which is of course independent from the Police Service.

His talk should be most informative and he is prepared to answer questions afterwards. We look forward to a good turnout of our members.

Would any individuals with queries, please hand their written question to a committee member before this meeting starts (please include your name & address; this is optional & your details will NOT be read out) ~ you will then be invited to ask your question later, which will help the meeting flow more smoothly.



 It is with deep regret that we have to advise the death of Sybil Hancock, our committee secretary since 1999 and a member of the committee for 15 years.

She will be sadly missed by all who knew her and we offer our condolences to her family and close friends.

Sybil's well attended funeral was at Thornton Crematorium on Tuesday 14th April 2009





(email received: 02 Feb 2009 - Ringmaster message from Sefton Crime Prevention Office)

Residents should be aware of a problem concerning theft from vehicles in the Aintree area in the past few days.

The roads that have been affected to date are Oriel Drive, Lowther Avenue, Wango Lane, Roseland Close, School Lane and Epsom Close.

In these roads vehicles have been damaged, as offenders have tried to gain entry to cars to steal items left on display, such as CD's, sunglasses and Sat Nav systems.

Apart from the value of the items, which in some cases is only small, the additional cost and inconvenience to the driver caused by repairing the damage can be significant.

 The Police are once again asking residents to remove items of value from their vehicle when leaving it unattended.

 Also to be aware the glove box is not a safe place to hide valuables as it is often the first place the offender will look.



There has been a recent spate of burglaries across the Crosby area in which offenders are using spades to gain entry into the homes of our residents.

The offenders are finding the spades in back gardens of your properties. On occasions the spade is stolen from a neighbour's property and then used to gain entry to a nearby property.

Please be mindful when using garden tools, especially spades, to lock them away after use.

To try and prevent such crimes, residents are advised, if possible, to lock all tools and ladders safely out of sight in a shed or garage.

Further action can be taken ie. purchasing a shed alarm ~ available from Crosby Police station for a cost of £6.75

By taking these simple precautions you may save your neighbour or yourself from becoming a victim of crime.


All change for Maghull Police (Sept 08):

Neighbourhood Inspector Paul Meadows has retired from Maghull & Merseyside Police after 5 years at Maghull.

Inspector Meadows was responsible for the Section 30 orders in Aintree among other things.

Local Neighbourhood Bobby Carl Hignett has also finished as a Maghull Officer as he has moved to Southport Police

We wish them both well and they will both be missed by Residents and colleagues alike.

Carl was a well known & respected figure around Maghull and was formerly a regular at Maghull & Lydiate HomeWatch meetings.



Maghull teenager locked up for breaching ASBO

Jun 26 2008 by Linda Foo Guest, Maghull and Aintree Star

A YOB from Maghull was locked up for a night after breaking a restraining order.

The 18-year-old was arrested when he breached an anti-social behaviour order which bans him from entering the Beechway estate.

He was issued the order after a catalogue of harassment and intimidation to residents.

Neighbourhood Inspector Paul Meadows said: “Local bobby Carl Hignett took positive action and the youth in question was kept in custody overnight.

“I would like to reassure residents that we take positive action with any incidents to do with youth disorder, and in particular anyone who breaches their anti-social behaviour contract.

“If he carries on breaching it he will be arrested and sent to jail.”

The youth can face up to five years behind bars if he breaches the restraining order again.

Ring Maghull Police on 777 3730 or Crimestoppers 0800 555111.


Articles are from our local paper the Star ~ if you don't receive it, TELL THEM on: 0151 330 5005

Any information about any articles ~ please contact Maghull Police on 0151 777 3730.



YOUR Local Homewatch group will end if Your Coordinator is not able to continue

~ we need back-ups!


Ringmaster message for members in Maghull, Lydiate, Aintree and Melling form Sefton Crime Prevention Office.


There has been a number of incidents in the area where Ford vehicles have been targeted. The cars have been broken into and radios/CD players have been stolen. In one night 5 Ford vehicles were broken into in the Maghull area.

If any owner of a Ford vehicle wishes to protect their vehicle contact Maghull Police station Monday - Friday between 9am - 5pm. Grub screws are available to help prevent your radio/CD player from being stolen. A member of the staff can fit the screws for you and there is no charge to the owner.

The criteria to qualify for this free service is the car must be a Ford and the radio must have four small holes into which the grub screws can be fitted. If it does not have the four small holes the grub screws cannot be fitted.

If anyone has any information please contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or contact Maghull Police station on 0151 777 3730.


Homewatch was 25 years old in 2007

A HAPHAZARD scheme introduced by a Cheshire policeman to beat local crime has reached its 25th anniversary.

The Home Watch initiative was the notion of crime prevention officer Detective Sergeant Graham Andrews who adopted the format of an American idea to reduce local crime levels.

With the help of Harold Cooper the scheme was pioneered in Mollington, Cheshire, in 1982, after residents had expressed concerns over rising crime levels in their village.

Now, 25 years later, thousands of groups across the country are helping to reduce and solve crime.

In celebration of this memorable occasion representatives and high-ranking police officers from Cheshire attended a silver anniversary bash.

David Owens, community safety network officer, said: "Home Watch has gone from strength to strength in the past 25 years. To think it started off with just a sergeant and one local man is really quite impressive. I felt it was important to recognise this success with some type of event which would see everyone getting together to celebrate."

The scheme, which has brought hundreds of criminals to justice, works through a group of residents acting as the eyes and ears of the community and keeping in touch with each other and the police through regular meetings.

Liz Biddle, Home Watch officer for Vale Royal said: "Whatever your position, there's always a way to help in some way." © Newsquest Media Group 2007


July 2007 ~ Lea and Mollington Residents Association's Chairman held a minute’s silence in memory of Harold Cooper, Past President and founder of Homewatch 25 years ago.


If you want to work with Homewatch and help your local community contact Margaret Jepson on 0151 777 3419 or email


Theft of FORD CAR RADIO/CD players from FOCUS & KAs on the increase for 2 different reasons:

1) Belief in a folk-law that there is a chip inside them which can be used in PCs to get SKY TV ! ! !

2) There is a website which will give the KEY-CODE to any FORD CD-unit (not a Ford's website)

So don't fall prey to the low-life who know there often isn't an ultra-sonic alarm in many Fords, just the standard door-switches & immobiliser ~ they just break the window & remove whole radio unit.



Don't advertise you new electrical goodies by leaving the boxes out for the binmen! ~ It is a great time for thieves to drive-by & check out which houses are worth breaking into !

Re-cycle them at the tip ~ better for everyone !


Theft of CAR KEYS from homes continues to rise

~ Please don't leave them on view from your window or letterbox &

Theft of SATELLITE NAVIGATION UNITS from CAR windscreens & from GLOVE-BOXES continues to rise.


Maghull has forged links with our neighbouring Homewatch groups in Melling and Aintree.

Both of these are new groups compared to Maghull and have much better attendance at their monthly meetings as residents are keen to improve their areas and they know that this is the best forum ~ we have the power to do something about it.

We have the Police's ear, but if nobody turns up to say anything then the Police are left non-the-wiser.


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