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Available to Sefton HomeWatch Groups at a discounted price 


What is SmartWater? / How Much does it Cost? / How does it Work? / How do I get some?


 Q. ~ What is SmartWater ?

A. = A near colourless liquid with Microdots floating in it ~ supplied in a nail-varnish style container so you can easily apply it to your mobile phones, cameras, watches, jewelry, ornaments, laptops, ipads, PC, TV, DVD, video, X-boxes etc.

It dries & doesn't rub off ~ it is only visible under UV light so 2nd-hand shops like 'Cash-Converters' etc. can easily check to see if goods offered are marked & proof of ownership is then required to prove they are not stolen!


 Q. ~ How Much does it Cost ?

A. = A heavily discounted price for HomeWatch Members, thanks to Merseyside Police

( please contact us below for more details )


 Q. ~ How does it Work ?

A. = Shake the tube first because it is the Microdots floating in the water which have the unique 'DNA' forensic code number on them ~ this identifies marked property to you and your address (free updates if you move house) thus deterring theft by making stolen goods & the thieves traceable.

If you lose an item or are burgled, you are more likely to get your sentimental things returned as SmartWater is impossible to remove without damaging the item protected, thus making them less sellable for thieves.

Each kit contains window stickers to warn & deter would-be thieves.


 Q. ~ How do I get some ?

A. = As a Maghull HomeWatch Member, just contact us Here:

we only need your Name, Address (inc. Postcode) & a Phone No. for the PCSO to arrange a visit 

I've got mine!    :-)


Non-Members ~ Join/start a HomeWatch group or go to the Manufacturer's website:



SmartWater signs: New sign & the previous version:


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