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 HOMEWATCH ADVICE for Crime Prevention



Burglary is not a very common problem in Maghull & Lydiate, but why worry about this low risk when you can do a few really simple things to stop it happening at all?

Like; locking your door ~ Don't allow an opportunist burglar to simply walk into your home.

... when asked by Merseyside Police why a burglar had entered a particular house the thief just said 'he had tried 100 door handles and that one was unlocked'


So; how do you shut Your UPVC door when you are IN the house???   Do you do a, 1 or, a 1-2 or, a 1-2-3 everytime?

1. Close  -  2. Lift Handle  -  3. Turn Key

... ask a friend to go outside & check to see if they can open your door after you have done each of the above 3 steps.

Doors vary ~ it depends on the type of handle & lock combination you have ... don't take someone else's word; try it for yourself.

(Note: Even if your door does not open from the outside without needing to turn the key, not locking it could invalidate your insurance)


Double-glazed Windows:

Old style UPVC windows had the glass installed from the outside then external beading added, which meant the glass could be removed from the outside if this beading was taken off ... a design flaw was soon corrected, but not before many units were installed.   Most of these have since been replaced, but plenty are still in use today.

Following some recent burglaries using the removal method, Maghull HomeWatch contacted a number of window firms for advice on what can be done.

A relatively inexpensive sealing method was put forward to us - any concerned residents should contact us for more details and we will put you in touch with a local tradesman.


Just email Mike on:



28/01/2013 ... If only Paul Scholes had read our:


For most of us, our vehicle is the second largest purchase we make after our home, so it is important to make sure you do all you can to keep it secure.

Never leave your engine running even when it is on your drive.

This is especially relevant during the cold mornings and when defrosting the windows ~ It only takes a few seconds for a thief to jump into your car and drive away.

Motorists are reminded that it is also an offence to leave a vehicle unattended with the engine running on a road, and if it is stolen by means of the keys being left in the ignition, it is possible that the theft would not be covered by your insurance.

If you take the time to assess the security of your vehicle, follow the advice provided and take positive action, you will greatly reduce the risk of becoming a victim.


* Never leave your vehicle unattended with the engine running
* Always lock and secure your vehicle, check windows and the sunroof are closed.
* Never leave anything on display in your vehicle.
* Mobile phones,coats, bags,Sat Navs and CDs are all a potential target for thieves. Take all valuables with you.
* Failing that, lock them in the boot taking care that nobody is watching you.




Re: "New PC for Christmas?" on Newsletter

Keep your PC running like new by avoiding Spyware/Virus’ with the help of Internet Security.

By following simple steps you can avoid most of the major problems and keep your family safe online.

‘7 Steps to Protecting Yourself Online’ ~ Tips from McAfee, a leading Internet Security Company:

"Any time you connect to the Internet you are vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Hackers can steal credit card numbers, tax records and passwords, or even completely disable your PC"


1. Create Smart & Strong Passwords ~ An example of a strong password is: Go1dM!n3

2. Use Email Wisely ~ your friends & family might not have the same protection as you.

3. Be Smart When Using Instant Messaging ~ don’t send personal details & scan all downloads.

4. Shop Safely ~ verify that the web address begins with “https” before entering your card details.

5. Beware Phishing Scams ~ fraudulent emails & fake web sites masquerading as legitimate businesses.

6. Carefree Online Gaming ~ Make sure your security software still functions when gaming.

7. Pay Attention to Your Children’s Online Activities ~ prevent your children accessing undesirable websites & sharing personal information.



How To Be A Savvy Shopper

*Shop around for the best price before you buy - but avoid purchasing from a person or place that might not offer you the consumer protection rights that you are entitled to.

* Remember the three 'Ps' to avoid counterfeits - person, place, price. Counterfeit goods (eg. UGG boots & GHD hair straighteners) can be unsafe, as well as fake and shoddy. Think about the person, place and price of where you are buying from. If goods are faulty or unsafe, your chances of a refund from an unknown street seller, car boot sale, pubs or clubs are remote.

* Look for the 'Lion Mark' on toys and games. This mark, developed by the British Toy & Hobby Association, indicates that the supplier has signed a strict code of practice covering toy safety, as well as issues of advertising and counterfeiting. Choose carefully the toy for the child, checking the label for the age group for which it is suitable.

* Get a receipt for the gift you are buying so you have proof of purchase. Receipts mean you may be able to return the gift you have bought outside the 28 days stores normally allow. If you need the goods to do something specific, ask the seller to write down that the items will perform the function you want.

* Buying clothes and shoes - examine stitching and seams in garments and look carefully for poor quality seals between upper and lower soles on shoes. Remember that you have no right to return shoes or clothing simply because they do not fit. So, unless you are sure what you are buying will fit, you may wish to buy store vouchers instead.  

* When buying online, check expected delivery dates and make sure you order in good time for your gift to arrive. Distance Selling Regulations mean that online sellers have 30 days to supply your goods from the day after you place your order - unless you have paid extra for early delivery. Because you cannot see goods bought online close up, Distance Selling Regulations state that you generally have seven working days from the day after your goods arrive to return them for a refund, if they are not to your liking or do not meet your requirements.  However, some things, including flowers, perishable items like food and certain services cannot be returned.

*Gift vouchers can be a great idea - but you need to be aware of the terms and conditions, often found in the small print.  This will tell you when the vouchers expire, which is something that is easy to miss.

* Christmas food - always check the 'best before' or 'use by' date before you buy and that the packaging is in good condition and has not been opened. 



Recently, the number of incidents where articles have been taken from vehicles has increased.

 In ALL cases, articles have been left on display!

Some of the vehicles have even been left insecure.

You lose out 3 ways
1.  Items are stolen from your car
2.  You have to pay for damage done to your vehicle when they break in.
3.  Your Insurance premium may go up or, if you left the vehicle insecure, the Insurance co. may not pay out


* Dark night are coming. Car thieves may be operating in the area

* If your car has an alarm/immobiliser or you have a steering lock, use it

*If you have a garage use it

* Do not leave ANY items of value on display in your car: small change, mobile phones, satellite navigation systems, mail with your address on, NOTHING

* Do not leave sat. nav. cradles stuck to your windscreen. They are a dead give away of valuables inside

* NEVER leave your engine running if you get out of your car; No matter how quick you are going to be. (You have left your vehicle insecure & easy to steal, so the Insurance company may not HAVE to pay out)

Christmas is coming, please don't give the thieves an early Christmas present, at your expense.



Please take extra precautions when strangers call at your door:
* This is the time to put your door chain on before opening the door.
* Always ask for an ID but remember these can easily be made by using a computer & laminating machine.
*DO NOT let them into your house unless you are sure of their identity and would be happy to have them in your home.

* Genuine people are willing to wait while you check.
* If they say they are from a firm; get the correct number from the telephone directory & phone.
*If you live on your own & after checking they are from a genuine company, you want them to return, ask a friend, relative or neighbour to be with you for the second visit.

* Keep yourself safe at all times.
 *If in doubt keep them out.



There have been a number of incidents in the Sefton area where members of the public have been the victims of 'theft from person' outside their home environment.

The locations where these incidents have taken place are: Charity shops, Supermarkets and Libraries
 ~ these are a favourite target for pickpockets as people are concentrating on searching for items and tend to be unaware of people around them.

Suggestions to be taken to try and avoid becoming a victim:

* DO NOT put your handbag in the trolley in Supermarkets.
* Keep your handbag/shoulder bag with you at all times
* Keep the clasp side next to your body
* If your bag has a zip have the closer at the front.

* Usually pickpockets work in pairs; if a stranger distracts you by asking for your help, make certain your bag is safe.
* If you are visiting a bank or cashpoint put your money away safely before leaving the counter/cash point.
* Remind young people to keep their mobile phones out of sight when walking down the street.
* Gentlemen your wallet is not safe in the trousers back pocket, again take extra precautions in a crowded environment



There has been a recent spate of burglaries in which offenders are using spades to try to gain entry into homes of residents. The offenders are finding the spades in back gardens of properties. On occasions the spade is stolen from a neighbour's property and then used to gain entry to a nearby property.

Please be mindful when using garden tools, especially spades, to lock them away after use.

To try and prevent such crimes, residents are advised, if possible, to lock all tools and ladders safely out of sight in a shed or garage. Further action can be taken by a purchase of a shed alarm.

By taking these simple precautions you may save your neighbour or yourself from becoming a victim of crime.


The combination of British Summer Time and the worsening economic gloom have given rise to a series of timely garden security warnings from several major insurance companies:-

"Lock up your garden valuables" warns Mike Pickard of esure insurance, following the results of a study by ICM Research that found 93% of householders regularly leave expensive items out in the garden overnight .

EZ Insurance anticipates that the change from GMT to BST could see an increase of 25% in garden crime.

According to Halifax Home Insurance garden theft rose 63% at this time last year.

A recent survey by M&S Money reveals that :-

* The average garden contains £720 worth of greenery.
* The average shed contents are worth £888.
* 17% of people with a garden know someone who has had plants, shrubs & trees stolen.


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